Birched Alexa By Projekt Alternative 20ml Eau De Parfum

Birched Alexa By Projekt Alternative 20ml Eau De Parfum

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Lets Talk about Birch Batches , Why Older Batches are Smoky and Newer Batches are Fruity.

The Answer is "Birch" , Birch is Extracted from Birch Tree's Bark.

But Over cultivation has put Birch in same Category as Sandalwood and Commercial use in Perfumery has been Banned in Eu.

For that Reason , perfumers cant use Birch in there blends missing on that Seductive Smokiness.

But Hey , Perfumologist Can .

So we got 100% Natural Siberian birch , Blended it With White Musk Wax , Patchouli and Vanilla.

Topped it up with Pineapple , Bergamot and Lemons.

Topped it With Birch Tar with a Lethal Dose .

The Result is Smoked Barbeque Pineapples. This is Amazing and Very diffrent from Everyday boring smell like each other stuff.

This is Truly a Perfume Collectors Delight.

- Perfumologist

Comes in 100ml Cologne Extract (25% Concentration)

Birched Alexa By Ministry of Colognes Cologne Extract Limited Edition